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Hello from Western NY everyone :)


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Hey folks, finally getting around to joining this forum after watching Cory mention it online like a zillion times 🙂

I know my handle "Andy70VWBus" is ugly, but my original YouTube was supposed to be a channel centered on my 1970 VW camper van, and now it's too much trouble to change it, so I'm just keeping it and using it here so folks can recognize me from YouTube live streams etc.

I've had the pleasure of meeting MANY of the "FishTube" creators at the past two Aquatic Experience shows in New Jersey, what fun!

My fish tanks are scattered all over my house, though I do hope to create a real fish room eventually.  I currently have 16 tanks in operation, not counting a rack of little bowls and jars holding various plants for future tank builds.  I use only live plants, no "plasticus artificialis" allowed!


I love breeding fish, so that is usually my focus.  I currently have the following breeding:

Guppies/Endlers (of course) - trying to line out my own "Navy Blue and Gold" line of guppies (black body with gold head and blue tail)

Limia Perugiae

Black-Chin Livebearers (Girardinus Metallicus)

Neocaridina Shrimp (Red, Blue, Yellow, and Snow Ball lines)

Paleatus Corydoras (Salt and Pepper Cories)

Bristlenose Plecostomus (both long-fin Yellow and Super-Red lines)

Lamprologus Brevis "Sunspot" shell dwellers - my first Cichlids in many years!


There is a group of Melanotaenia McCullochi that I want to breed, but have not got them properly set up yet.

In addition to those, I recently added my first Caridina (soft water) shrimp, but they are too young to breed yet.

I also have five Blue-tailed Goodeids which I had planned to breed, but all five of them turned out to be males, so they are just a fraternity pack until I find them some females.

I live near Rochester New York, but we have no local fish club in Rochester, so I am a member of a fish club over near Buffalo, about an hour's drive away.


So there's my intro!

Cya All in the live streams and posts below!

- Andy

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Welcome to you. We're glad to have you on the forum!

I went through Rochester as a member of a college singing group in the mid-80s. It was summer and I remember just how beautiful everything was. It was only my 3rd time leaving my home state of Florida so everything was fascinating! Our hosts drove us by the Kodak facilities and I just thought that was the coolest thing ever. 😉 

I don't do much traveling these days, so it's nice to occasionally have a nostalgic moment to remember. Thanks for that! 😃👍

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My breeding list is very similar to yours! Japan blue and purple Moscow guppies, blue eye lemon bristlenose plecos, red, blue, and yellow neocaridina, Limia perugiae, Xenotoca doadrioi, Aphyosemion striatum, Nothobranchius korthausae, panda corys, Pelvicachromis sacrimontis, and multifasciatus shell dwellers. I love seeing other people with some of the rarer wild-type livebearers! Best of luck with your new McCullochi and shrimp.

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