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Is my betta changing colors or sick?

Nikki Addison

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Hey, so this is my first time posting on this forum. I’ve been perusing for a while, and it seems like the community here is pretty knowledgeable about all types of fish. Here’s hoping someone can help me. 🙂

I currently have a female betta that began just having a black body and flame red fins. Her name is Hestia and I’ve had her for about a month now in my community aquarium. Maybe about a week ago I started noticing some silverish iridescent type coloring showing up in her fins and body. It doesn’t look to me like scales are raised or peeling off. My husband insists that it’s just her color changing (apparently that’s a thing in bettas throughout their lives?). She’s not acting funny, still eating, and still swimming around.

For a bit of back story: we keep a betta sorority (currently 4 girls) and a few days ago one of the bettas developed a severe case of columnaris on her lips with a wicked fast onset. She ended up dying before the erythromycin could do its job to help her (RIP Regina George). We also have various breeds of betta friendly tetras, shrimp, and one bristlenose pleco in our 36 gallon bow front. No other fish are showing any weird symptoms (other than two of our bettas that are always bloated because they’re obsessed with eating). The tank is currently being dosed with the aforementioned erythromycin. If this is something illness related, I also have the trio of meds from the website coming in the mail soon. 

Here are some reference pictures of Hestia. I apologize for the quality. She likes to move a lot and forage on the bottom of the tank. 

Anyways, thanks for reading all of this! If anyone can help a new fish hobbyist out, I would really appreciate it. 💚






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