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Chatuchak and exporting/ importing


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Fan of fish!

Fan of the Co-op.

I am planning on moving to Thailand near Bangkok in the next several months.  I have a passion for the hobby and I am very interested in exporting to the US.  If anyone has any experience or ideas I'd love to hear them.  I haven't figured it out but helping American Aquarium and Fish keepers have access to this market in a more personal way would be awesome.  

Maybe it's 4-5 months before I leave. 

I still 

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Congrats on the upcoming move! I don't have any experience with exporting to the US, but maybe it would help to contact an current Thai exporter or one of the US transhippers to hear about their experiences? Here is an Aquabid listing that contains the contact info a Thai betta fish exporter, as well as a list of transhippers from all over the world. Best of luck to you!


AquaBid.com: Item # fwbettasd1606843805 - SP060 (Male) - Sweety By Thanont.



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