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D. Tinwini from the Co-Op!


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I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the wonderful staff at Aquarium Co-Op!! I posted here hoping to get some of these beautiful little fish when I saw they were in stock, I also sent Candi an email.

When I walked into the store today I browsed around but didn't see them so I asked where they were and the nice gentleman who helped me knew right away I was the person who had emailed and/or posted here and went and got them for me. I did not expect that the employee would already know of my inquiry. I really wish I had asked his name - sorry that I had not as he deserves a lot of credit for his great customer service.

Anyway, I got my dream fish today! They are so gorgeous and healthy! I **just** got them into my quarantine tank and right away they were looking for food and found and errant black worm or two to eat. Not even colored up they are prettier than I thought they would be.

Thank you so much!👏👏👏👏👏🤗


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