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New/first time goldfish babies in tank!


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Good evening forum viewers. I have 6 new baby goldfish in my 90 gallon tank with 6 adults. I am not sure who the parents are but I am excited to raise them up! I come with a question the largest one does not appear to have an anal fin. Is there anything I should monitor besides tank parameters and a healthy varied diet to make sure it lives a good life? What variety do you think i should call it?

In the tank is a ryukin, lionhead, ranchu, 2 black telescope, and a fantail.


Photos available here


Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Thank you! 

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Yup, what James said.

Goldfish genetics are a really weird mishmash, and even on very strongly line bred fish lines good breeders keep no more than 5-10% of spawns. Even that would be high.

These were blue egg phoenix babies, and out of this many fry I’d expect to keep at most 2-3 fish. Breeding goldfish is brutal on the soul when it comes to culling time.

THAT SAID...there’s fundamentally nothing wrong with your fish. Grow, enjoy, relax. He just has a conformation fault that would mean he doesn’t comply with any breed standards, but outside of shows, who cares? Almost every fancy standard actually calls for double anal fins, in case you’re wondering, with even single anals being a strong fault.


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