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White Dot On Nose of Black Skirt Tetra


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I've noticed this before on my black skirt tetra, it comes and goes. I've treated it for Ich and used API bacteria and fungal treatments, thought there was disease in the tank but ended up being ammonia spikes I think.

I brought back a danio from the dead by treating the ammonia with water changes and API Ammolock.

What is this white dot on this fish's nose? Should I treat again? Is it Ich? There's no other white spots and no other fish with white spots.



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It’s possible it’s a benign tumor or a wart of some kind (I’m not sure if fish get warts but I’m guessing they could). If none of your other fish have it and the tetra isn’t acting sick, and if your other med treatments haven’t affected it, then it may just be his own little unique spot. Still, I agree that it wouldn’t hurt to try salt.

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