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Well Howdy!

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Hello All

KBOzzie59 is what I go by in most fish related places.

I like pretty much any fish that will fit in my tanks.  About to convert half (or a little better than half) of our garage into a fish room and embark on some breeding to keep me busy when I retire (in a couple years).  I fully blame the CooP for my addiction to live plants!

I've recently adopted 30ish bristlenose plecos from a guy up the street from me, they will be the first egg layers I plan to breed.

It will be nice to have a place where we can do our fishy stuff without (hopefully) the trolls!


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Hi kbozzie59,

I agree, aquarium coop is to blame 100% for my plant addiction too. And they refueled my addiction to fish keeping..the fact that I have resources to good knowledge that will keep my aquatic friends alive is not going to be good for my wallet..😆

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