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Hey all I’m planning on moving my dudes from a 29 to a larger tank. My old tank ran sand which made it hard to grow some plants. I’m looking to change the substrate to a more coarse sand or fine gravel. I figured this would be the best medium for plants and my cory doras.

I’ve looked into Home Depot pea gravel but that looks too big. I’ve also looked into aragonite sand but that looks like it will change my water chemistry. Does anyone have any recommendations for an inert coarse sand/fine gravel????

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If you’re looking to save a couple of bucks and are willing to spend some time rinsing out the gravel Quickcrete pea gravel should do the job for you. I don’t use sand in any of my tanks (personal preference) and all my corys (6 different species) are fat, happy and have all their barbels. All the tanks photos are of my tanks.





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13 minutes ago, Daniel said:

I like Caribsea Peace River in the coarse sand/fine gravel department. One more step up is CaribSea Rio Grande.

This is Peace River gravel shown in this tank, with some other larger gravel on top, for anyone's reference. I have crypts growing fine in it.


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