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My Husband's Confession


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So, like I've already shared, we purchased some new fish over this weekend. We'd been researching them for a while, and alllllllmost "settled" for some that were on sale, but not really what we wanted.  But we stuck to our first choices and finally found them.

My husband Doug loves fish, too and without him I probably wouldn't be able to have fish. He does all the heavy lifting and water changes that I'm unable to do.

And just when I think he's tired of all the tanks and guppies and re-scaping and pythons, as we're discussing how we're going to house all the new fish, he says - verrrrry sheepishly,

"I hadn't told you this. I wasn't going to tell you. But I should probably tell you now...I picked up a 10-gallon at the Dollar-a-Gallon sale."


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