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Hello from Oregon! Fish and toddler mom


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Hello all! 

I'm Nat from Oregon, mom of a toddler and fish obsessed, thanks to the Youtube channel by Cory and crew at the Coop. 

Got my first real tank in January and have since taken over our home with my current count of an even dozen fish tanks of varying sizes. 

I have so far been enjoying nano fish, rescuing bettas from other owners, collecting a few too many free fish tanks (to my husband's chagrin), propagating plants, and overall just covering every available counter space with these little ecosystems that brighten my day (every day except maintenance day 😌 lol.

So far a highlight has been breeding corydoras (on purpose) and accidentally breeding my celestial pearl danios and ember tetras. As I was initially inspired by some beautiful Takashi Amano aquascapes on pintrest, I've been trying my best at some beginner low tech aquascaping. Someday I aspire to some more highly aquascaped tanks, but I'll have to reduce my number of aquariums first before getting into the more high tech/high maintenance world. 

For now, I'm enjoying watching my toddler say hello to the fish, name their species, and help me with feeding them - hoping I am fostering some more love of nature, as well as modeling how to take care of pets and make time for my own hobbies (aside from regular household chores). 

I currently have set up: 55 gallon, 40 breeder, 2x 20 gallon long tanks, 15 long, 15 column, 4x 10 gallon tanks, 2x5 gallon tanks. Trying to reduce my number of tanks soon, so most of these are pretty understocked. 

Stock I have currently: bettas (2), neon tetras (30ish), cardinal tetras (9), ember tetras (12), gold white cloud mountain minnows (7), neon green rasboras (18), african dwarf frogs (2), celestial pearl danios (2), nerite snails (2), pink ramshorn snails (lots??), hillstream loach (1), paleatus corydoras (12), trilineas  corydoras (10), sterbai corydoras (6), similus corydoras (6), pygmy corydoras (7) and gold laser corydoras (6). Oh and about a million bladder snails lol. Someday I'll get a pea puffer. 

I've also kept bristlenose plecos, pearl gourami, and electric blue ram - these I rehabbed and rehomed as they came with purchases of some aquariums. I'd love to keep them all again though! They were great fish with awesome behavior, just didn't fit in with the tank setups I had going on at the time. 

Happy to be here, and hoping to learn a lot! 

Here's some pics of my setups, most of these pics are within the last week or so:  

40 blue.jpg


5 gal shrimp.jpg


10 rimless2.jpg

20 long.jpg


kitchen counter.jpg

15 blury.jpg


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On 11/30/2020 at 2:46 PM, James Black said:

Welcome to the forum!! I see MTS has really got to you, lol. I love the neon tetras. 

Thank you! Yes, the MTS is a real problem haha. But one I am enjoying for the most part, so far! 

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On 11/29/2020 at 9:07 PM, lefty o said:

welcome. a dozen tanks in under a year is quite the obsession.

Thank you! Glad to be here! Yes, I didn’t think I was the type to get obsessed with something, but I seem to have been proven wrong (but don’t mind a bit 😂)

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22 hours ago, Patrick M. Bodega Aquatics said:

Welcome! I am also in Oregon and love your 5th tank. Hope you learn a lot here!

Thank you! Yay Oregon! 💚 

This is my only rimless tank - and while I love the look, the evaporation is not my favorite hah. For now, it’s my fry grow out tank, but someday I may have some fish actually live in it full time 😂

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