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Propagating plants from new growth on tips


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First post here. I have a plant that I can’t for the life of me remember what it is. With that said, it’s sort of Amazon sword-esque. It is growing small leaves out of the tips of the existing ones, so I’m wondering if I can just cut these off to propagate the plant?

I’ve included a photo but it’s hard to capture. Thanks for any help!


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2 hours ago, ChefConfit said:

I'm not sure which plant in the picture you are referring to but that's exactly how you propagate Java Fern. Usually they are easy to pull off once they've gotten big enough though. 

Well this is good to know! I’ll take that as a good sign the plants are happy. My tank has only been set up for a couple months (recently getting back in the hobby) and I’ve literally never been able to keep plants alive, let alone growing. Easy green and co-op root tabs seem to be doing the trick!

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