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Angelfish eating Aponogeton....help!

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Just now, Daniel said:

Sometime angelfish pick at a plant when they getting ready to breed as a way of cleaning a spot to lay their eggs. Are there 2 angelfish doing this?

Mainly one. Sometimes another one but mostly just one. They are still juveniles. It's my first time keeping them I'm not sure when they start to breed.

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1 minute ago, Daniel said:

Not sure about this one. I don't think I have ever seen angelfish eat leaves?

The plant is kind of translucent with thin leaves. The main culprit is my pale yellow koi. It will tear bits of plant off and pick at the pieces as they float through the water or on my prefilter sponge but it appears to be actually eating the plant not just picking at it.

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I noticed mine doing that and figured there was nothing I could do, my platys also do it. However I just happen to add veggies yesterday for my algae eaters and they started going crazy over the zucchini. Maybe try giving them some zucchini or leafy greens? 

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