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My lfs ,which has been around thirty plus year's, hardly ever gets real monster fish, Oscar's are usually the biggest thing they sell. But about a month ago I seen my dream fish of ten years or more and I fought the urge until last week. I'm now the keeper of a Indonesian datnoid, it amazes me how in just the week I've owned him how out going he is. He greets me more than my fahaka puffer or even my dog's. I look back twenty years ago and think about some of my other large fish and can't think of any that were super shy at the store but were so out going at home. He's currently in a 20 gallon, he's only about three inches, but has a seventy-five gallon then a 225 waiting. Luckily I've been in the hobby long enough to have the right tanks for the future growth, even though it's slow with this species, I just gotta dig my 225 out of my friends basement. 

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