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I need some advice

The nano tank man

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10w or 25w heaters are pretty cheap and should be fine for a small tank. Otherwise, you can keep the room it's in heated comfortably (like a home office or kitchen, someplace you use a lot so you're not wasting heat), or you can even try shining an incandescent light on it when it's chilly. Just keep an eye on the temp to make sure you don't overheat it if you do. 

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There are little pre-set heaters that are pretty cheap! Like this one: 


Shatterproof Preset temperature of 76-78° F Slim, Compact Design If you're looking for an easy to use heater for your betta or nano tank - the Fluval P25 heater is a great choice. It is fully waterproof and is designed...

I’d go with something like that if it’s in your budget.


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