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Cichlid breeding project


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So pretty excited with all of this we have about 40 eggs in our ziss tumbler from two different momma ones red top hongi x ob mbuna and the other eggs are from a ob x ob. the alibino dragon blood is holding and the fry will be hybrid dads a red shoulder we also have a ruby red and her fry will be hybrid also with the same red shoulder and finally the cobalt blue mbunas fry will also be a hybrid with a ice blue mbuna. I love hybrids lol.

( I don’t plan on selling the fry but the whole breeding process is fun as heck. But since I’m limited on tank space I will try and give most the fry away for free to my local fish store with full disclaimer that they are hybrids)





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I feel letting the mouth brooding gets a better hatch rate IMO also the mom will eat all the infertile eggs so there really no chance for fungus to grow.but to strip the eggs I would would first move mom to her own tank then I would wait like 5 days or so after I noticed her holding then I just catch her and I use the tube of a sponge filter and gently open her mouth and let the eggs fall in the tumbler. Some people use bread ties there finger or paper clip 

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