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Cloudy floating film at bottom on tank


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The last couple of days I have noticed a white-ish cloudy film floating just above the substrate (kind of slimy looking). It was just in 1 spot so I used a turkey baster to suck it out. Now it seems to be over most of the bottom. I did just rebuild my tank on Sunday, new gravel and decor. But same established filter and filter media. What could this be? And should I keep trying to suck it out or will it correct itself?

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I have the same thing developing in a tank that was recently rescaped as well.

I just assumed it was bio-film, & have let it be. I'm sure some of it gets sucked up in the gravel vacc, but we've only done that once. So it's been growing for a few weeks any way.

I think I'll leave it. Unless someone more knowledge tells me different. 😁 That's what I love about the forum!

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