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General aquarium fish information website?


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Hello everyone and thanks in advance for reading and possibly assisting me. I am trying to find a website that has information on basically each different type of aquarium fish. Everything from habitat and parameters to breeding and feeding habits.  In particular, Steenfott Aquatics mentioned a specific site in a livestream within the last 2 months or so. (I remember vividly him talking about how this particular website had finally figured out how to start monetizing their content).  Im not sure how to find a specific moment in his live streams to find the name of the website again. If anyone has any idea of the website he mentioned I would be very appreciative, or if someone has one that they find invaluable, it would be a big help.


Thanks in advance for all your assistance!



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Heres a few links,



Get tips on caring for your freshwater fish and maintaining your freshwater aquarium.

This one is pets in general, but they have really good fish care sheets. 


wikiHow - How to do anything

This last one has more then just fish, But they have lots of tutorials on how to breed what fish or determine the sex of your fish or just general care sheets. 

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