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(Help /frown) High Silicon Dioxide (SIO2) in tapwater.

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Hello sweet people of the Aquarium Co-op community,

My tap water has a high level of Silicon Dioxide (SIO2) and because of this i always had to fight Brown Diatom Algae.
I did test this by doing less and less routine water changes. The Brown Diatom Algae would then dissapear (Yay! :])
but as the Brown Diatom Algae dissapeared i then faced Green Water Algae or phytoplankton. (Nay! :[ )

So i recently bought Silicate absorbing resin for in my HoB filter to remove the Silicon Dioxide from the water but apparently it will also remove Phosphate. Now i am wondering if this will lead to Phosphate deficiencies for my plants. (AAAAAAAAAH)

Should i get an RODI machine instead, those seem expensive though.

Help is very much appreciated.

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This doesn't impact the water, but if it's practical for you I'd suggest otocinclus catfish. Those things love diatom algae and one of the main challenges people have when keeping them is making sure they have enough to eat. It sounds like your diatom problem is their wonderland.

I'm sure others will have a few other ideas.

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My tank is 4 months old and I am losing my patience with the brown dusty algae. I have 6 nerite snails but im thinking of getting a small pleco or ottos to help. 

 I like how the plants are growing but I just turned down my light, thought it might help and quit fertilizing a month ago. This was yesterday before my weekly knock the dust off as much as I can.


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