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Need more fish


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So earlier in the week I rescaped my 29 Hex. 



I broke the tank down to just substrate, redid my rock formation, changed the placement of the background plants and removed a piece of driftwood covered in Windelov Java Fern but the biggest change was replacing the carpet of hydrocotyle tripartita Japan with  foreground cryptocoryne undulata red which my cories seem happy with because they have more space to swim on the bottom. 

Between the rescape and removing the 2 guppies I had in the tank (one died a few weeks ago and the other is moving tanks) I feel like it needs some more fish. 

Current stocking is 

12 neon tetras

5 ottocinclus vestitus

3 corydoras paleatus

1 emerald cory

3 Amano shrimp (just added after the rescape) 

What would you guys add? 

I definitely want something to occupy the top of the tank. I'd love clown kills but have never seen them near me. Maybe harlequin rasboras? 

I was also considering a ram, a few cherry barbs or an angel as centerpieces. Maybe even a betta but I'd be worried about the amanos. 

Might also rehome the emerald Cory and add some more paleatus(I have 20ish juveniles in a grow out tank and another 20ish eggs that should hatch soon) 

What are your opinions?

Also fully redoing a dirted tank on a whim was way less of a hassle than I expected. 

Once the background plants have grown back in I'll post more pictures because I think I'll be  a lot happier with the way the tank looks with this layout. 

Sorry for the long post I ramble when I'm tired

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If you're looking for a fish that will use the top of the tank I'd leave Rams off the list. They definitely like hanging out in the bottom of the tank. Have you thought about Dwarf Gouramis? They tend to use the top third of the tank most of the time.Pencil Fish will also use the upper parts of the tank as well. My last suggestion would be Platys as the use the whole tank but would work well with the dimensions of this tank.

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@Dandy Pearl I didn't realize it until I pulled it out of the tank but it's about 3ft long at this point. I got it last fall and it was trimmed back to just the bulb with maybe 2 inches of leaves. They really don't deserve their reputation as a slow growing plant, they take awhile to settle in but given the right conditions they grow pretty fast. I find they like high water flow

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I really like sparking gouramis. They max out at about 1 inch... maybe 1.2 inches. Completely peaceful. Mine have always liked the upper half of the tank. Even if you're breeding guppies in the same tank with them the gouramis mouths are so small that they can't harm them. They're awesome fish.

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I have a similar tank.  You may wish to get some plants that grow all the way to the top.  Once I did that my neon tetras began to occupy all levels of the tank.

A show fish for your tank could be a powder blue or dwarf gourami.  He will spend most of his time towards the top and may help the tetras school tighter.

I would try to increase your emerald city by at least two more.  They do better in groups.

Beyond that you are pretty much stoked.  If you do go heavy plants, perhaps add some more neon tetras.


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@Ben_RF the back 3 sides of the hex are planted with various stem plants that had been almost to the top but when I pulled everything I cut them down to propagate them. There's also a dwarf aquarium lily and salvinia but even with plant growth throughout all level of the tank the neons rarely is ever used the top 1/3 of the tank

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