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Columnaris? or not......


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Hi.  Here is our quarantine tank water parameter for the pair of purple mosaic guppy plus their fry.


  • pH   7.4-7.6
  • Nitrates   10
  • Hardness  5
  • Nitrite  0
  • Ammonia  0
  • KH/Buffer  7
  • Water Temperature 78F


2 weeks ago, I got a pair of purple mosaic guppy (they birthed fry in the shipping bag so the pair live in the tank with fry. All of them are in quarantine tank and pre treating the fish right now.

I wanted to ask about gill of female looks ok or not, I posted the picture of her side shot (below) on face book page group along with video.



I was mainly curious about her gill being normal or not (to me it looks like bit of dent in the gill.. I could not take best picture of the world but..) but someone said she looks like having columnaris pointing that she had white looking patch on her back (which I circled in the below picture;the spot she pointed out).


BUT, to me, it is just reflecting to the tank light and I do not see white area without light like this;look picture below. This is the picture from the top with sun light. If it were white patch color would stay white, not bluish color...



Me and seller think the area that was pointed was the area lights reflect and purplish bluish grayish color looks like bit of white if you try to see it as white under tank light.I do not find fuzzy stuff on her or any strange behavior like loss of appetite or part herself away from other guppy etc.

She swim strong, active, eats enthusiastically and it has been 2 weeks. If it were columnaris, then, fish goes passes very quick I heard. She never look lethargic at all... All of her tank mates;male guppy and fry looks ok too.

What is your opinion on her? Does she look like columnari fish? What about gill? Her gill looks ok to you? Other than gill that got me wondering if normal or not, I feel like she is fine to me.Poop is fine too.Nice solid one..

The person who said she might had columnaris never replies back after I posted these pictures  ( I was told to put out pictures more so I did) , and there are no followed comments still.. (it has been almost 2 weeks so I doubt she would leave follow up comments..)  and I was kind of left out with wonder/doubts if she really got columnaris or not.

Since it is deadly disease, it bothers me a lot.

Thank you.

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columnaris is a bacterial infection. She could have gotten a bit hurt in the net when you first got her, but really anything could have happend. Yes because the columnaris infection is so early on, she could be acting fine and happy. But if this infection gets worse you may see her with clamped fins sitting at the bottom of the tank. 

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