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Noswaith dda!


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Hello all,
Been keeping fish for the last 3 years (although had a gold fish tank when I was little) but still feel like a beginner. From the UK, are there many Brits on here, looking to join some form of local community and go to meetups in the future. 


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Hiya, Welsh Joe,  

Bore da!  Which part of Wales are you in?  And what fish are you keeping?

Mary from Leicester here. @Uk Mike is also one of us, plus a few others but nothing UK organised that I have found, and nothing local to me.

I would be up for it, lockdown permitting.  We have been under restrictions here since 23rd March, going back into tier 3 next week...

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Hi Mary, 

Im from Powys but pretty close to the border and Shrewsbury isn't too far away. I keep some basic stuff at the minute like some guppies and cherry shrimp since I had to get a smaller tank. Really interest in anbantoids and wild bettas in particular.

I think there are a few clubs in Birmingham but a lot of the information I've found looks quite outdated.

Yeah Leicester have had it quite bad from the sounds of it,  hopefully spring next year things start going back to normal and more events may appear.

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