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HOB Suggestions for Polishing 20L


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Hello lovely people,  I purchased the Finnex Pure 7 HOB sold by Aquarium Coop for the purpose of polishing the water in my  rimmed 20 longs  Unfortunately, the filter hangar is too narrow to push down low enough to meet the water line for proper operation.

Do you have purchase suggestions for low powered HOBS that will fit over the rim of Aqueon 20 Longs?  I have filter floss, bio material, and some other things I can customize them with if the need arises, I want to be able to use my own media.  All of my tanks run sponge filters for the main filtration, the HOB will just be for polish and all that other stuff HOBS are good for.  They won't be run constantly, only as the need arises.  Thanks!

Finnex Pure 7.jpg

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