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New Mbu puffer


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Hi all, 

I had just got myself a baby mbu, she's about 4.5inches long. I dropped her into a cycled new tank yesterday about 4pm, she was a little apprehensive but generally look well and swimming cautiously around. later in the evening she warmed up a little more and swam up to the front of glass when my kids came home from school. 

i only dropped in 2 (live snails), about the size of a pea, but she was totally not interested. is this common? what should i do ? or look into feeding her if snails dont agree with her? her pic is attached here


appreciate all your advise.


Thank you!


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sometimes it will take a little while for fish to get adjusted into their new enviourments. Meaning that it may take a day or two before they will be the water pup we all know them to be or the pigs that they are. if he doesn't start eating by tomorow morning (thursday) I would try aduldt snails.

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