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Hello Aquaenthusiasts!


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Hi! I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I've been a fan of Aquarium Co-Op for about maybe 8 months now. I really enjoy the videos and learn so much from them. I would like to get to see interesting stuff that people come up with like indoor ponds, small tanks, aquascape and exotic fish and tanks; and how to take care of them. I will try to post updates of my aquarium and share this experience that is new to me but has awoken the nature appreciator in me. On this first picture I share with you is a pair of pearl gouramis with two anubias barteri glued and tied with string on some mopani wood. And, a banana plant on the foreground. My filter is for nano tanks though a medium size is on it's way. Oh, there's a dwarf lilly bulb pinched under the driftwood. Hopefully the water gets clear soon. But anyways, hello everyone!


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