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Do I need to remove algae while establishing a new tank?


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I set up my first aquarium 5 days ago and now I notice some algae starting to grow. 

ATM I'm cicling my planted tank (no fish or Shrimp so far) with the addition of liquid starter bacteria and co2. I seem to recall it to be normal for algae to grow during the time a tank is established and that the algae will "stop" growing once the cicling is done. 


Is that more or less correct or should I start to clean up the algae in addition to the water changes?


Sorry if my englisch is wierd it's not my first language... 



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algae is completeley normal. It is not harmful to your fish at all. When cycling your aquarium and there is algae it means your almost ready for fish. This being said, no you do not have to remove alage at all. All it does is make your aquarium look dirty. Many aquarists like algae because it makes their tanks looks more natrual. Its all up to you, if you like the look of algae keep it. If you don't scrub it off and if you don't care leave it. 

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