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Hello all first I'm new to the forums. 

I have 36 gallon bow front aquarium with Angel Fish, Bushey nose super red plecos, two nerite snails and hopefully Tetras soon. I want to try my hand at live plants. I use a Fluval 2.0 light.  

Any suggestions on a couple different types of plants that I can try and would that light be good for them?


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Java fern is pretty bullet proof and so are most mosses. Java and anubias shouldn't be buried. Tie or glue them to rocks and drift wood. Crypts are great plants too. They come in colors from green to deep red. You usually only get those deep reds with very high light and Co2 but if you don't have that kind of setup those red plants won't die, they'll just turn back to green. Those are all my go-to plants.

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That's awesome. Not saying I'm an expert but I can keep fish alive so to keep my interest going I have to branch out, I get bored easily. Lol.

I've went from African Cichlids to my new community tank then added some snails in the community tank. I also have a couple super reds coming from quarantine into the community tank this weekend.  Now I'm excited about plants. 





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