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Female Apisto is in trouble


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Hey guys, I got a pair of cacatuoides about 6 weeks ago and have been in love with them.  They have an awesome personality and are the coolest looking fish.  About 2 weeks ago I realized the female has a pretty bad bulging eye (popeye) but was acting totally normal.  I treated with maracyn, and now with paraguard but it has gone unchanged.  The last week now, though, she's hardly eating and mainly hides all day long (see photo below). 

My guess is she stays vertical like that so she can keep an eye on the male, but all the flirtation between them that I've ever witnessed has not been violent whatsoever (although I have to think that he's the one that damaged her eye).  Last night on the livestream Bob recommended that I separate them.  I've got a sponge filter seeding in my tank that's been in there for 3 weeks, so it should be good to go into my 2nd tank in a week.  My main question is, which one would you move to the new tank?  The male is doing fantastic, has nearly doubled in size and is definitely very healthy, so part of me wants to move him because he should be able to handle it.  But I also feel like moving him would be silly if he's doing so well where he is?



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