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Hello from Eastern Washington!


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Hi everyone! I’m very excited to be able

yo participate with everyone here and see the projects you are working on.

I ha e personally been keeping fish for about 15 years with a gap of about 4-5 years of not having any fish at all. I have to admit that my first experience in fish keeping was a betta in a bowl back when I really didn’t know better at the age of 8 or 10. My family were not and still aren’t fish keepers.

My husband supports my hobby and enjoys it himself. We are currently working on a 20 Long that will be ours together since most of the tanks in the house ha e been purely designed and the species picked by me.

We currently have:

4 - 10 gallon breeding tanks for endlers and shrimp

1 - 10 gallon sparkling gourami tank

1 - 15 gallon cube shrimp and green neon tank

1 - 8.5 gallon cube betta and cherry shrimp tank

1-20 Long Neon Tetra tank. This tank is at the end of its life and most of the fish have died off so it will be redone in the near future. It is currently my longest running system without any changes. 

thank you for taking the time to stop by this little thread!

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