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Jack Dempsey Stuck In Overflow Overnight - Healing Journal


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In a 75 gallon I had 2 jack dempseys, a dominant electric blue and a normal jack, both female.  I got the blue with bad popeye that I couldn’t completely cure so it really only has the one eye, which typically allows everything else an easy escape.

I guess it got a little too aggressive towards the other jack and The other jack tried to escape into a very tight overflow.


I did not notice it for about 24 hours due to heavy plants, the fish was weak with half the tail fin gone and a large gash on its side.  Moved her to a 40 breeder grow out tank with about 15 juvi jacks.

For the first 5 days Daily I’d do a 50% water change around 8 am and dose myracyn and salt to bring tds to 300 from a stable water source at 125.  In the evening I’d do a 35% water change with just adding salt to bring tds back to 300.  All water changes were done with water at the same temp as the tank.


these are the first photos I took, Cloudy fuzz initially formed on the wounds, it had just started to clear off:


here is from the next day the fuzz is a little more clear in this picture:


And 2 days after that, 6 days after the initial injury, most of the fuzz is gone, and the tail fin isn’t as ragged, can almost see new fin growing:90925EED-B1C8-4345-8A87-1DD1571542E3.jpeg.6507f31befa23d7b12d79ff21a95f4da.jpeg

over the next few days the tail fin is showing some good growth, and the top of the wound on the side is starting to heal.


Here are some close ups from last Thursday:


and here are some closeups I took yesterday:


At this point I’ve stopped dosing the marycyn.

Every other day I do a 35% water change, and I keep the tds around 250 using salt.




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Been about a week since the last pictures and about 3 1/2 weeks since I first found her in the overflow.


I’ve done 2, 35% water changes since the last pictures and haven’t added any more salt or meds.


The wound on the side looks to have a little scaring but is pretty well healed and the tail looks like, with time, it will completely heal.



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