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What to include with a pair of electric blue Apistogramma agassizii in a 30-Tall?


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I have a 30gal-tall (roughly 24x24x12) that I'm restarting.  I've settled on a South American theme/biotope with a pair of blue agassizii at the center.  Any suggestions for what else (plants and fish) to add?  Or examples of a simple setup for inspiration?

My current (very early) plans/ideas:

  1. Sandy substrate
  2. Black background (I don't love this, but white or blue seem like strange choices in this kind of tank)
  3. Reasonably planted (with this tank I've found that too many plants get really crowded)
  4. Maybe a school of tetras up top. (species suggestions?).  Something red seems like it might look nice with the apistos.
    1. Ember
    2. Red phantom
    3. Green neon
    4. Neon
    5. Rummy-nose
    6. Serpae
  5. Maybe some plecos (species suggestions?) or farlowellas.
  6. Maybe a school of (probably smaller) cories (but is there room at the bottom with the apistos?).  Species suggestions?
    1. Panda
    2. Skunk
    3. Habrosus
  7. Maybe hatchetfish
  8. Maybe a school of Otocinclus

I know all of that will be too much.


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Suggestions for tetra would be

  • Red Phantom, very similar to Serpae but smaller and much less fin nippy. Serpae are assholes.
  • Red Cherry Tetra, beaufitul but pricey, I like them because they are rare
  • Diamond tetras are silver but have a really nice iridescence when they get bigger.

Down low:

  • Bristlenose, Albinos are my personal favorite of the commonly availible colours. I also like the calico.
  • Plenty of room for cory's and the apistos to cohabitate, I personally have 7 Orange venezuelans and 2 x Panduro and theres room for all.

As for plants i'm not really an expert and mostly low tech, I like Crypts/Val and some Anubias. Maybe if you find the top part of your tank isnt getting used, this happened in my 29 tall you can get some floating plants. I had an a Amazon sword too but the Bristlenose ate it.


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