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lighting and music around aquarium

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hey its been a while since i posted, hows everyone doing? 

i have a query, i wanna get lots of lights in my room, like a studio type vibe, lots of LED strips and bars and whatnot, and playing music. The issue is my aquariums are homed here too (im 17). will fish be bothered at night if theres lights external from the aquarium? like from a screen or LED? or is it worth for me to get some sort of black out cover for my aquariums for the night? 


thankss in advance  😄

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ive never seen  a tv in the room or normal lighting to bother fish. now if your music is so loud the walls are shaking (yeah we've all been there), thats probably going to irritate the fish.

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If the water is vibrating like a scene from Jurassic Park, turn down the bass and the volume.  I don't know if they hear the way we do but they do react to the vibration from sudden loud noises the same way we do.   Ambient light  probably won't bother them, but if your studio includes strong blinking or strobing light, that will likely stress them. 

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