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To treat now or after the move


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Hi guys

So I have had my corydoras sterbai for 3 years, from two sources. I lost over half of them, most of them with the same issue, they are still not well, thy are barely 4-5 cm. Part is, lack of feeding, as they have too much  competition in a too large tank, but I always suspected they have worms. The one that died even had a hollow dent when looking at their bellies, they are never bloated, there is never issue with poop. However they are obviously not great.

Given EU has forbidden all the safe treatments options like esha ndx/gdex and that would force me to use levamisol from other sources, like pig/bird dewormers, that are simply weird for me to use in water, I never treated. However, I can now buy esha ndx/gdex again.

The question is timing. I decided to move the corydoras to their own tank, with almost no tankmates, so I could feed them more and have a better control. The tank will start today, but the filter is already in use for a year in another tank, the substrate will be a mix of fresh and from other tank (not this main tank where the worms could be). So it will be cycled in two weeks or so.

  1. Do I treat the whole large tank where the corydoras are now at the moment, where none of the other fish exhibits any sort of worm issue, and where I plan to redo the substrate and toss it all out.
  2. Or do I treat them alone, in the new tank, after I move them ? 
  3. Or should I maybe not treat them, feed them well, increase bloodworms from once a week to three times a week and see, if with a proper diet, if they get better?


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My personal choice would be feed well and observe. If they have lived for 3 years I doubt it’s a parasite that levamisole would cure. the round worms are by far the more destructive of the internal worms. It also would have affected all the fish in the previous tank. 
Fenbendazole treats a wide array of worms though not highly water soluble.  I use it to clear out hydra in tanks I’m dropping eggs in to hatch. It’s very gentle on fish and is even used on reptiles and salamanders. I use panacur-c dog dewormer.  I know it seems weird to use on fish but the only active ingredient is fenbendazole. So it’s all the same stuff whether labeled cat-dog-pig- goat etc.

If they show no signs of improving in a month then i would consider treating. 

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