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Maracyn 2 treatment filter placement

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So basically I’m going to dose Maracyn 2 soon and I want to preserve my cycle so I’m taking out one of my cycled media and keeping in cycled in a bucket. I keep another cycled sponge filter in this tank which is usually in the back (it’s a Fluval flex) and I was wondering if it needs to be moved to the front. Surface agitation isn’t an issue it’s just more the filtering aspect but I to be honest would rather it stay in the back. I’ve attached a picture for reference - the sponge filter on the side (left) is the one I’m keeping in the tank while medicating.


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To get your filter work, your water should move through your filter all the time.


It is hard to see if water constantly goes through that part of the tank or not. If the area is isolated and barely have any flow/water movement then it is not ideal. IF it is an area like sump where water constantly moves, then it is good.


I would be hesitant to dose antibiotics to my main tank unless it is quite necessary. Is there really no way around?

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