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Brown Hair Algae is the bane of my existence!

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I’m hitting the plants forum again… back at it with more algae!

Some background: 10g betta tank, moderately planted, been running about a year and a half now, recently medicated with Fritz Slime Out to get rid of a BGA breakout (it worked well!). Easy Flow sponge filter with an air stone for added flow.

And now here we are; the tank is doing well… except for the dang brown hair algae trying to eat my plants alive!


As you can see, it’s definitely thriving amidst all the floating plants (DWL, guppy grass, Pearlweed and Salvinia). It’s pretty difficult to remove from the roots of those guys.

Ive been manually removing it nearly every day. I water change on Sundays just to gravel vac and get majority of the hair algae off everything. But it keeps coming back!

Easy LED at 20%, lights on for 7hrs per day. Dosing easy green every two-ish days to keep tank around 20ppm nitrate. I do use root tabs for my root feeders.
I’m just unsure what the factor is that’s causing all this algae. I’m just trying to grow healthy plants but it’s taking over my Amazon sword, Val, Anubias and Rotala Indica. And the floating plants!


Thanks for any input.

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