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Newbie - Guideline for applying Quarentine meds trio


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55 Gallon Heavily planted and stocked tank with guppy and tetras. i dont have a special quarentine tank

Dosage : 1 

1. Remove all the filter pads - Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate,Phosphate, Active carbon infused pad
2. Leave Sponge on back Prefilter and Sponge filter
3. Do a 50% water change.
4. Donot apply any fertilizer or water conditioner
5. Day-1 : Apply Aquarium Solutions Ich - X - 25 Ml
6. Day-1 : Apply 6 Packets of Fritz ParaCleanse
7. Day-1 : Apply 6 Packets of Mardel Maracyn
8. First 3 days - No food
9. Fourth day thru Seventh day - Drop little food once a day
10.Eighth day - Do a 25% water change and resume regular food

Repeat Dosage 1 after 2 weeks.

does it sound right?

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@Fishmonger_X my male guppies started showing fin rot  and few died and couple of female guppies started having fungus white color in their face. i remove those put in the bucket

i recently bought these and dropped them in to my tank without any quarentine. i want to take preventive action before other fieshes die.

all the fishes are bought in a week. pretty new

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