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Thai freshwater mini-crabs Limnopilos naiyanetrii

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OK so I just found out there is a LFS only an hour's drive away that actually has these...  Does anybody have any experience with them?  I'm not super happy that they are from a limited area and hard to breed (very worried about putting undo pressure on local ecosystems) so that's already kind of a negative mark for me.  Doubly so as I will apparently not be able to just buy a group and get them breeding, either, so if you want crabs you gotta keep going back to the source for more, and we all know how that ends..  

But they are cute.  And my little son loves them.  So there's that..  

Should I get crabs?

Thai microkrabbe.

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I thought these would be great until I seen them in person.  My lfs got them in and excitedly told me so when I went in.  She said we got 20 of them in and I know you have talked about them.  I went to look at the 10 g tank they were in and could not find them.  
I finally found a few of them half buried in a corner of the tank. Much smaller than I realized and not exceptionally active.  
After wanting them for awhile I was so deflated finally seeing them I passed on them. 
Maybe if I had a little 2.5 g tank and could afford 20-30 of them it would be like a neocaridina tank. But the lack of plentiful breeding would make it very boring to me. 
The photos on the internet I assume are full grown adults because the ones my lfs got were more like a baby shrimplette size. 


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Yeah, I was worried as well that in my jungle tank, they would just disappear.  I have a vampire fan shrimp or whatever they are called, and he is like five centimeters long and BRIGHT ******* BLUE, and I've only seen him three times since I dropped him in.  

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