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Too many seeds?

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image.jpg.19e5534e5c25283cc421bd4fd7dfe103.jpgI scattered a bunch of aquatic seeds on the surface, did I put too much? 
and also, I put them in a dark place for 8 hours for germination but should I put them in a dark place for longer? I know 24 hours might be good. I just don’t know if there ready for light.IMG_5472.jpeg.9d33b39b22697ed09c02cdd87443c6aa.jpeg

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That is a lot. After they sprout they will grow slower due to excess competition for resources.  The stronger will eventually outcompete the weaker and as the weaker die off it should straighten itself out. 
not sure what plant seeds you are working with so timing is variable.  Put them in the dark for at least 24 hours. 

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