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Resolving Biogenic Decalcification?

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A recently arrived group of Anubias showed clear signs of BD on emergent leaves only. I figured it would clear up on subsequent growth since none of the other plants in the tank have ever shown such, including nearby Anubias.

However a couple new growth leaves are also showing signs. Nothing on older leaves. Interesting that it's only a few plants & not the entire group...

Tank in question is a fully planted mature low tech with medium bioload & steady growth. I'm assuming that the plants came from a situation with imbalanced CO2/light.

How long is a reasonable time for this to clear up?

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Damage done to existing leaves is not “reversible” so to speak. Leaves don’t heal like our injuries. I would watch new growth only to see if there is significant improvement.  Anubias grows slow so however long new growth takes. 

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