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White Poop from Pleco?

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So I have a female bristlenose i've had for maybe 6 months. I noticed today some chalky-white poop coming from her. Her belly looks normal (not sunken in or anything) and i've seen her eat at least a couple of days ago.

She may have been a little stressed since I did a lot of adding plants/redecorating. However im worried about parasites or something, i've never had any medical issues with any of my fish fwiw.

Here are some pics:

You can see it's not stringy like I see in other pictures (Although she did poop again a little while ago and it was slightly stringyer maybe?). But it's def. white/chalk colored.

She eats a variety of algae wafers that I rotate through.




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On 7/2/2024 at 11:14 PM, Mercfh said:


Where did you get them? It's possible you stirred up something from the substrate and the pleco ate it while eating the wafers or off the aquarium glass.

I would observe and hopefully the poop will look normal soon.



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