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Medaka Ricefish Outdoor Summer Breeding Setup

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My outdoor breeding setup. I tried to keep it minimum cost but efficient. Cinder block and 8ft wood. Wire shelf rack to keep out wild life. Smaller gray bus tubs for the breeders. 27 gallon tote for the grow out. 18 gallon gray tubs grow out. One container at the end for culturing moina. One large 40 gallon tote with water lilies for assorted/cull. 

Current breeding strains: Sanshouku Tomerin (Tricolor Transparent Scale), Yozakura Gold, Aosabu (Blue Submarine "Gold"), Soukou ("Blue" Sparkle), and Neptune.






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Very cool setup. Are you picking the eggs off of the mop to hatch or just moving mops?

I have a much smaller setup and picked eggs off of a mop for my first batch of fry.  For a small second batch I just made more mops and rotated them out of the adult tanks to a grow out tank. Picking eggs seemed more effective, but rotating mops was so much easier.

I have quickly gotten more eggs than I my grow out tub can handle (my setup is much smaller than yours).

I’m currently waiting for the first and second batch of fry to get big enough to get out of my grow out tubs so I have room for a third batch of fry!

The extra adult rice fish that I don’t plan on getting eggs from live in my 100 gallon tub with Mosquito Fish.  The Mosquito Fish seem to be taking care of any Rice Fish eggs or fry in that setup.  I do see some Mosquito Fish fry though. 

The adult Mosquito Fish and Rice Fish school together which was unexpected. 

Good luck with your setup. Please provide updates as you have them. 

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