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Mystery snails: Albino or late color changer?

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Greetings fish tank friends,

I am growing out a clutch of mystery snails- they were labelled as "jade" when i got them from my LFS but to me they looked like blue mystery snails. 

Most of the clutch is growing in a really nice blue, but a handful appear to be albino. When I search online they also look like some pictures I've found of Ivory snails. Do snails change color over time as they grow out? Do the albino/ivory breed out more albino/ivory or revert back to parental colors?  The albino/ivory ones are pretty cool so I may separate them out to breed more. 



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Posted (edited)

hello there

First one is blue second one is ivory (both are white shells) but the black foot is dominant. Sad but it happens, when your blue snail passes away, it leaves a white shell just like ivories.

So you will more likely get blue babies out of these two as the black foot is the dominant gene.


here is the chart of genes


this is the color chart for baby mystery snails:

ws4j88oeeb271 (2).jpg

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@LennieThanks this is very helpful!  I didn't count exactly, but rough estimate ratio is approximately what you'd expect with both parents likely carriers of the recessive gene. Interesting how the ivory and blue are so close with just a difference of one dominant/recessive gene even though they look very different. 

Cool to see science in action. Once they start breeding behavior, I will separate the ivories to see if they breed true as they should if they are homozygous recessive. 


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