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Mystery snails; frozen vs. canned green beans

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Greetings Fish tank friends, 

Quick question- is there a major difference between feeding frozen vs. canned green beans? I am raising up a clutch of snails and they LOVE canned green beans- they can devour handfuls of canned beans. I can get frozen green beans way cheaper so I am experimenting but they do not like them nearly as much. Usually there is a frenzy when I throw some in but with the thawed frozen beans there are only a couple grazing at a time. 

Does anyone have similar experience? Is there something else I could do to make the frozen beans more tasty? I let them thaw in the fridge so they are not frozen when i throw them in.


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I also feed canned green beans (to bn plecos, but my "pest" ramshorn snails love them too), but have never tried frozen. Right off the bat, two big differences are raw/cooked; and salt.

Canned beans are pre-cooked, so are much softer and easier to nom. You can see the difference this makes by feeding cooked vs raw zucchini. Raw takes a few days to get eaten, cooked disappears overnight. 

Canned veg are packed in a salt or brine solution, and I'm sure that even if they are rinsed some of that remains in the veg itself, and I would guess that is very desirable to the consumers. 

Raw veg are flash-frozen, uncooked, with no brine or preservative. 

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Thx @TOtrees 

That's a pretty big difference and probably explains why they like the canned beans so much more. Blanching the frozen beans before seems like a lot of work since i'm looking for something easy but i may try. I'm alittle worried about the amount of salt in canned beans. 


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