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Maracyn and erythromycin are the same active ingredient. Both are safe for inverts in freshwater in my experience. Which has been 15 years, using it on inverts daily in a store environment.

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Is it even always necessary to eradicate it? I've got a planted tank and there is some blue green algae that started as a patch in the gravel, and now grows quite heavily on the driftwood.  It will colonize the tips of leaves and will cover a dying leaf, but otherwise leaves the plants alone.  It looks quite lovely and my shrimp are constantly eating it. 

It just doesn't seem to be such a big problem... 😕 

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It’s pretty hard to get rid of without using meds. I had it pretty decent in my 10g and even with manually removing every last speck I could see, it still grew back. It’s an annoying algae.

I’ve used both Maracyn and Fritz Slime Out with snails and they were fine both times. I don’t however have shrimp, but I assume you’d be safe for them too 🙂

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On 7/2/2024 at 1:36 AM, daggaz said:

Is it even always necessary to eradicate it

As a general rule, yes. You can leave a small amount in, but it usually just grows and takes over. Very difficult to remove without some form of erythromycin.  Blue green algae is not an algae, but a photosynthetic bacteria. I’m guessing what you’re seeing is more of a slower growing surface algae than a blue green algae. Bga leaves toxic residue behind and generally just fouls up the water. The way to tell the difference. Bga stinks horrible. Surface algae just smells a bit like a strong smelling seaweed. I’ve lost aquariums before without realizing what was going on. Granted that was new fish in an isolation tank

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