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Two new species spawned

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I was doing some maintenance in my fish room this weekend and noticed some fry in a couple of tanks of species that I have not spawned before. Neither species I was particularly trying to spawn yet, but none the less they are happy and surprised me. The first is Neolamprologus leleupi. IMG_20240630_155418_585.jpg.a329744e3ca3c23e0ecd5460ec3470f3.jpg

OBe of the parentsIMG_20240630_155418_704.jpg.477b2c85d04531427693c8fbed47749a.jpg

The second is Julidochromis transcriptus albino. I have only seen 6-8 fry at any one time, so I am not sure if there are more. PXL_20240630_190617067.jpg.4959683ea9ed4cdb617f860d23ed86aa.jpgPXL_20240630_190755479_MP.jpg.7961d4bc1f646eb8baaa6ee1521778f1.jpg

The adults are very secretive, it is very hard to get pictures of them. 

In the last year or more, I have really started getting into the cichlids from Lake Tanganyika, and have gotten several species, and spawned a few already, and have spread the fry to fellow hobbyists in my local clubs. 

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