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Fish id help: what are these albino tetras!

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I bought these from a local fish shop. Cannot remember what they were labeled as. Thought they were albino lemon? or pristella albino? Regardless- I showed someone at a different fish shop and they believe they are albino Morse code tetras, because they act the same (same clicky type motion/ movements) and do not have yellow on their top fin like the albino pristellas.  I’ve had them for months and they have not grown, and they are starting to lay eggs in my tank. I just want to see if anyone has any helpful or experienced input! This is my first ever tank and fish. I tried my best to get good pictures.




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Hello there


Those look like albino black neon tetras my LFS has. But I am not %100 sure as it gets a bit hard to tell with the albino situation included. They can be albino glowlight tetras too

Albino black neons at my lfs don't have such ovious orange line. I just checked the video I sent to Gup before





I lean towards glowlight tetras but albinos due to the obvious very orange line on the body as black neons seem to lack it

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