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Red blood marks on gills and white marks


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I just took this female Millennium out.  She had a possibly concerning white mark that can see in these pics from last week but when I saw this today I took her out.  I had seen it before but it went away but now it's back.


I'm going to have to put her in with this fish that's already in QT. Had white by dorsal fin about 12 days ago.  The white has shrunken to a tiny dot after being just with salt.  I think I'm going to have to use meds especially now that this female Millennium is going in with him.


As you can see from second pic , that white has shrunk a lot in ten days. Also he scraped his side over a month ago.

I have a second QT tank but that has a fish that is finishing kanaplex for nipping damage that looked like it got infected.

This fish was from same tank. It looks better after 3x Kanaplex. I'll have to take an updated picture.


All these fish came out of a main tank that had been going for almost 30 years now.  Have two clowns almost that old.  I think it's been an ongoing issue for past several months as I had some older rainbows die or had some infections (had put several into QT).


I'm watching the main tank daily.  I probably should have taken her out a week ago but was hoping the white mark was just damage from driftwood that would heal.

Thanks for any input.


I have Jungle Fungus Clear and Kanaplex ready as I've feared I might need it for the white mark rainbow.

Tank has under 10 nitrate as I usually do a big 80% water change every week but have been doing it 3x since I've had issues. A clown loach cut himself but has healed up in a week.




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Thank you for the reply and link.  It definitely sounds like this could be a possible cause after reading the link.  


I'm watching two other rainbows in the main tank that may have a mark on them. It's hard to tell and now I'm being overly paranoid. I guess I'll remove them if anything appears on them.


I did not write it in the OP but I had a bunch of rainbows die over the past 6 months since after I added a batch I got in September and quarantined for several months.


Maybe two sound like what was described in the links: they seemed thin and didn't thrive (unlikely to be internal parasites bc I treat  QT fish with several levamisole and general cure deworming treatments.


Also, this group of rainbows seemed to beat each other up more than one I had in the past: three got fin or body nipping damage that got infected.


I just had two 5 year old Millennium rainbows die. One I had in QT for two months. I thought it ran it's hump into something but it also could have been lesion that erupted.



I had an albino millennium that was the same age just for a few days ago.  He had been fin nipped badly in January and I healed him up in QT and he came back in March. He seemed fine until he suddenly looked bad two weeks ago. I knew he was about to die when I saw a panda garra sucking on his side and clown loaches starting to nip at him (they had only done this once years ago on a fish that was dying).

No panda garra or most importantly for me none of the clown loaches seem to be affected thus far.  One even had a cut (looks like he might have been nipped by another clown loach while eating a wafer). He healed up within a week and seems fine.


I keep fearing that I brought something into the tank that's going to kill my clown loaches: two I had since 1995 and 5 I got in 2018.


It sounds like all I can do is isolate sick fish and maybe treat them but it's possible they have rhus diseSe that can't be treated. 



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