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Can someone recommend meds from the UK which I can use to treat columnaris


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Recently, my female betta got mouth rot, and I've started to treat with https://www.petsathome.com/product/interpet-anti-fungus-and-fin-rot-aquarium-treatment-100ml/7122140P?productId=7122140&purchaseType=one-time&volume=100ml, as a dip treatment but according to some its harmful for fish so can someone recommend me some stuff!

This is her, she's barely an inch long and my first betta!


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Interpret antibacterial treatment isn't effective against Columnaris. Columnaris is a gram negative bacterial infections that spreads more quickly at temperatures over 75°f and can kill in 24hr to 7 days depending on the stain. the most effective treatment for columnaris is kanaplex and jungal fungus clear fizz tabs containing nitrofurazone combination of two medication provide a broad spectrum antibiotic treatment. as your the UK and it would take two long for that medication to arrive  What I would do is start treating with aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 1 gallon at that level of salt  will harm your plants and Esha 2000 I would treat in quarantine salt  is effective against columnaris at a high dose it  takes longer to work just remember to only put back in what you take out so if you do a 1 gallon water change put 1 table spoon of salt back in as salt only removed though water changes  I would also get holed of Sera bactopur direct tablets active ingredient is nifurpirinol a broad spectrum antibiotic treatment you should be able to get it   off eBay or Amazon  @LemonGuy

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