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Aquarium coop air pump

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Maybe, depending on how long the airline tubing needs to be and whether or not you're using check valves. Even so it'd be weak and probably not ideal for a whole 40 breeder if you're only running one sponge in each. Might as well fork over the extra $10 for the dual to save yourself some potential future headache. Plus, that gives you a potential extra (if you're splitting both outputs), in case you want to hatch some live brine shrimp or anything extra.

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I have one, and it had trouble powering two sponge filters in a 20 long. (No check valve; short tuning with pump above tank.) Granted one of those filters was a fine sponge....but I'd still say no. My issue was fixed with a Single Whisper filter.

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Yes. Assuming you mean the regular size pump and not the old nano one.
I have a couple setups where they power 5 coop sponge filters using a gang valve. You have to fiddle to get the balance right, but it'll work.

I also have a rack where a dual pump powers 6 tanks on two shelves (3 tanks per nozzle).

It helps a lot if you have the pump above the tanks, either on top of a tank lid, or on an upper shelf.

If the pump is below the tank, you need a check-valve to prevent any back-leaks ... that also reduces air flow. 
Also, if the pump is below water level, air has to go up to the top of the tank and then back down again. - If your pump is on the lid or above the tank, it just has to push air down in a more direct route.

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No, they are designed to run 1 sponge filter efficiently. 1 outlet per device. With battery backup, you have to control how much power there is, otherwise the air pump wouldn't last very long when the power is out.

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