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Retail therapy, oh boy!

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Had to go up to the city to see a specialist. Afterwards, I needed some retail therapy. A fish store was 0.2 miles from the doctor's office.

I had "corydoras" on my list for the 20g.  The store had several types. 

The first one I saw was a lone Orange Laser Cory (med). $$

Next was Julii Cory's. $

Then there were a few other liners of the $$ level.

Practical me said "self, just get a group of Julii's.". Emotional me said "self, get the orange laser, it is purity.". Practical me won. I got five Julii's. Emotional me also got her way...orange laser came home with me, too.

The clerk said Orange Laser would be fine with the Julii's to hang with. Hope she is right about that.

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I once bought all eight of my LFS's salt-and-pepper cories when I noticed that, no, there are only seven; one of them is a pygmy cory. Well, we can't leave a single pygmy all alone in a store tank, can we? Anyway, he or she has shoaled with the salt-and-peppers ever since.

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That’s my favorite kind of retail therapy 😀. I often leave room in my tanks just so my daughter and I can go shopping.  It can also be a dangerous thing 🤣. There is always new things to try. Eventually tanks fill up so you always need more 😅

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