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They grow up so fast! *sigh*

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Jusy wanted to share a pic of Apistogramma Macmasterii sp. Red Shoulder.

Got these guys as 1/2" juveniles & he's about 1 3/4" now.  Oddly he's one of the most dominant, but the smallest! 

Coloring in nicely...but i wonder how bright he would get on a light colored substrate? (100ga fully planted - changing substrate would be a nightmare!)


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On 6/27/2024 at 12:48 PM, Whitecloud09 said:

He looks awesome @Beach Cruiser!

He's a little stinker & chases everybody off his turf (a full 1/3 of a pretty big tank) even though he has no mate. Except the big Angels who have absolutely zero respect for his pint sized attitude! 😆

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